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Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm for the National

Who are these guys, anyway? What do we know about them? Can they be trusted? I feel like they can. I would trust them to sit guard while I was passed out under the table, and them still drinking. Their music has that touch of melancholy lived-in sadness... even if you've never toured in a van with your high friends in places, joking to keep from crying from the starkness, sharpening your wits through constant dueling for best top-that quip.

With the National you feel there's no worry about them getting taken in by sexy groupies or destroyed by some new street drug, they've already done the whole demon battle thing and now they just want to make music that's like comfortable pillows of strings and deep resonant casual singing and guitars and deeply entrenched bass and drum that weave like a kaleidoscope of my life, where every word and note fits perfectly together with the times and where you are, like they knew just what you'd be doing when you listened to them.

My god, I was afraid to see these guys as it might diminish my love for them but this video makes me cry and increases it all a thousandfold, thanks and praise vid director Tom Berninger! He captures all the in-between moments here, and they're all perfect for the National's music, that reflective late inning artistic youth life, the passage of our generation gracelessly into the free-form 30s (or worse) where we inherit the world and set it free with a weary boot out into the sunshine.  Thank you thank thank you.

Saturday, November 17, 2012