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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Retrofuturist Synth Module Scores is Then: Sinoia Caves (BEYOND THE BLACK RIANBOW); Tom Raybould (THE MACHINE);

Dig these bizarro retro phat synth paranoid scores: Rayboulds is somewhere between Vangelis for BLADE RUNNER, John Carpenter for ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and Tangerine Dream for SORCERER, and the perfect wallpaper for a crisp fall afternoon wandering through a dying landscape, each rustling orange leaf in the street an ominous portent. And Sinoia Caves is for when your floating down the street at dawn, chased in slow motion by your own shadow looming 60 feet tall and with burning coal eyes but you are not afraid, in other words part György Ligeti from THE SHINING and part Claudio Simonetti from TENEBRE. And it's on Spotify, which you should have if you don't, human, because the future is now and nearly everything but the Beatles can be crawling all over you...