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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

ROLLER MAIDENS FROM OUTER SPACE and other forgotten (OOP) tripper comedy gems from Firesign and Folk

Groovy - It's easy to forget all the 'forgotten' tripping comedy albums Firesign Theater and its inhabitants made in the early 70s, as only the big ones via Columbia seem to be in any kind of reprint schedule (and the latter stuff can't quite measure up - whose can?). Here's a pretty groovy solo project, based on the cover, the first ten minutes or so I've heard, and the raves of D.W. Rayger, it's pretty trippy. Certainly its mention of a 'television mission' evokes Brian Oblivion as well as Jesus, and Austin does a pretty dead-on Kris Kristofferson impression singing "Come on, Jesus, show yourself!" I remember seeing it in record stores back in the day, and mighty scary it seemed to my child's eye and wild imagination. Not sure if any of these approach the complicated majesty of DONT CRUSH THAT DWARF HAND ME THE PLIERS, or side one of WAITING FOR THE ELECTRICIAN, but hey - they're surely worth a cursory tumble.