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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Claire and Angus Sleep No More!

 The new Claire Forlani Dewar's commercial is out, this time it's some weird upper floor empty room with a definite Sleep No More / Macbeth over and undertone. The madwoman in the attic! Are ya thirsty, Angus!

I generally loathe all commercials but these fill me with delight, not only because I used to take full advantage of past Dewar's promotions in the 90s, copious tastings they were, with hot buffet, free Scotch-based drinks, and gift bags stocked with little pints and other cool swag. I'd bring dates and get them drunk for free. They'd think I was crazy, but those little gift pints were great things to remember you stashed on a cold Sunday night back in the cold blue law days when the shakes were upon ye. Hail to the drinkin' man is right! Good for you, Dewar's, going dark and stormy and quite mad where everyone else is chasing aglow camaraderie and rainbow waterfalls, eh Angus? HAhahahahHA

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