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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Curious Alice (1968)

This weird anti-drug educations short from 1968 was clearly meant to show to schoolchildren to keep them away from drugs, and it's actually pretty good, pretty spot-on in showing the pros and cons; the way certain drugs open you up to new sensations but eventually cut you off from even more.

It's honest about that, at least. Nothing's gained without something being lost - it's freewheeling psychedelic collage style is clearly the result of some artists who 'know' the deal so it's not just some bent load of conjecture like Go Ask Alice or Roger Sterling's experience' in this season of Mad Men. I think if you can see this film and still want to try it afterwards, knowing full well the dangers, then you're ready. Just like everyone who signs up to go whaling on the Pequod should first read The Perfect Storm. 

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