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Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Sweet Sixties Sadness of Parisian Song Sirens

Jane Birkin - as Jane B., with Serge and a dozen suitors (I like to imagine she's singing to ask them all to marry her together in a group wedding). Her awkward, tender gamin attitude and stockings drive me wild. Incomparable! If they're too sunny or teen bopper (like Chantal Goya) I'm not too into them. I like Birkin and Francoise Hardy, and some BB, because they have that gorgeous Gallic mysterieux melancholique.

Here's Jane (above) sounding and looking like her daughter will, and I love how much of a pint-sized gargoyle Serge is, yet he believably gets the hot girls. An inspiration! Switch to Gauloises!

And now our other sweet sad Parisien Siren, Francoise Hardy! Another beauty, perhaps more sad and more haunting!


 If you love her as I do, then this song is probably still your favorite (above). So simple and open for misadventure, yet with that underscoring of being already over before it begins -- perfect for MOONRISE KINGDOM!

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  1. How did I miss this when it was pew other published? I love Love LOVE Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg and their offspring. I recently attained an original poster for CANNABIS that I am having linen mounted as soon as I can get around to finishing a few inventorying tasks. Have you seen the biopic GAINSBOURG: A hero's story? Something like that, heroic journey maybe. It is on Netflix and it is awesomely good. The casting was great and the story was too.