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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bold, Bloody and Dissolute: (After the War isn't Over) - An Erich Kuersten Spotify Meisterwerke

Listen to this melange of strange sound bytes, poetry, news clippings, weird songs, and old radio shows and speeches in order (if you have Spotify) and make, as Colonel Kurz would say, a friend of horror. You will laugh, cry, have a Joycean aesthetic arrest, a cosmic epiphany, and learn that only by accepting the violent hypocrisy and seething madness as well as the good things in man--the cold devouring chthonic as well as the lean solar Apollonian; the rending incisors of the frenzied maenads as well as the warm absolving caress of mother; the cold and greedy lawyers eviscerating their own innards in their frenzy as well as the still Zen master--can one find peace. Loving your opponents, and accepting that we will always fight to not fight and succeed only in blood-splattered self-knowledge, but that too is fleeting. This mix will take you past colonialism, mass murder but also psychedelics that lead first to Ginsberg and Ram Dass, then to Manson and brown acid psych wards. Good morning Starshine and Good morning Vietnam, this is Bob 'What am I doing in Da Nang?' Hope. Death: it's what's for dinner. Allow it. Eat yourself and when the last bite of mouth swallows its final act of swallowing, what is left?

That was no Martian - it's Halloween.

SPOTIFY DESC: The ghost of British colonization claws our epitaph within the genetic code of the future monsters. Crystal meth in Wermacht travel kits, Manson, Leary, the burning joys of apocalypse - Bob Hope entertains the troops in Da Nang, Robert Oppenheimer rides the tachyons

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