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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Michele Soavi's LA SETTA

Mighty glad to see this barely available stateside Michele Soavi gem, LA SETTA, on youtube... but... for how long? A kind of Rosemary's Baby gone gonzo loco, it could be the prequel, in a sense, of THE VISITOR...rather than the DEMONS 4 it's sometimes billed as. But DEMONS was never a good series. When it comes to directorial vision and skill, the apple fell far from the tree with heavy-handed--if crowd pleasing--Lamberto Bava. But Argento's other DP, Soavi, soared... until he stopped doing horror and moved over to TV. Who can blame him, really? But look how long this movie's been seen and treasured, man. It's my favorite Herbert Lom performance. Hard to believe it came out in 1991. Dude, it looks like it was made in the 70s, early 80s at most. I mean that in the best way...

Soavi also did THE CHURCH and CEMETERY  MAN, the latter is great; the former is kind of bland, to me, just a lot of terrifying vignettes in a beautiful, weird setting. But hey, as the cowboy on the hill said to Justin Theroux, sometimes there's a buggy... (see Shrouds of Soavi)

(PS 3/30/17 - It's gone)
(PS 6/02/18 - now it's on Blu-ray!)

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